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The Hollow Body
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Balance Outside the Box
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Paleo Baking 101
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How to Build an L-Sit
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The Case for the Hook Grip
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Easy Ways To Reduce Muscle Fatigue
Easy Ways To Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Let’s get real. Paleo folks can’t exactly take some chicken breasts or meatballs on the road to snack on, and who wants to lug a big cooler around or eat a browned avocado anyway. So we’re sharing some of our favorite paleo-friendly,...

If you competed in the recent CrossFit Open, you may have experienced some form of disappointment in your performance over the course of the five weeks. Maybe your ranking wasn’t as high as you thought it would be, or a movement came...

Ninety-nine percent of all CrossFitters learn the same movement on day one regardless of time or place - the air squat. As beginners, we typically take the movement seriously as our coaches preach its importance to the rest of the things we’ll...

The hollow body position refers to the straightening of the spine. It is commonly utilized in many gymnastics movements to align and stack the vertebrate on top of the other for efficiency of movement. Since the vertebrae are stacked one on...

Life balance is something that can be hard to find and even harder to hold on to. Balance takes constant adjustment and work over time. CrossFit prepares us both mentally and physically to tackle any challenge that comes our way, but sometimes...

The basic fundamentals of weightlifting are stance, grip, and position, but the most important--and overlooked--is arguably the athlete’s stance.

Our stance is not only about our foot placement in the jump...