3 Goals in Warming Up for Peak CrossFit Performance

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Any good workout begins with a suitable warm-up, with the goal being to prepare your body for the exertion it will go through. When your workout is a CrossFit WOD, it becomes especially important. But how many times have you found yourself going through the motions while thinking about something else, or just chatting with your buddies? Or rushing through it, eager to get to the real part of the workout? If you are guilty of this (and we all have been) its time to do a quick review of the whys and hows of this crucial step, and how to get the absolute most out of your warm up, every time. Luckily, we'll do the hard work and have your pre-programmed warm-up ready to go. Here are a few goals it will hit: Goal 1: Elevate body temperature and speed up metabolic functions. A warm-up should elevate the temperature of your muscles and the rate of your heart and breathing, all in order to help the heart deliver more oxygen rich blood to muscles and prepare them for the workout to come. Goal 2: Incorporate stretching and develop critical functions /movements. Stretching shouldn't be overdone, but it is important to get the body ready for the movements the upcoming exercises entail. If you havent properly warmed up and stretched your back and hamstrings for example, dont expect any PRs on your deadlift for the day. By developing the critical movements you'll perform in your WOD, the body is in a better position to perform those movements with proper form and avoid injury. Overhead squats in the WOD? Youll likely get some unweighted ones on the board for warm-up. If you arent comfortable with the form or technique of something on the board (wait, a bear complex-whats that?) now is the time to address it with your coach. Ideally your coach will already be running through an example of lifts and movements on the board, with instruction on proper form. Goal 3: Work the whole body. It's important to hit all areas of your body before moving onto your WOD. Your warmup should target all regions of the body so that your primary and stabilizing muscles are prepared to support the upcoming WOD. Keep in Mind... The best way to get the most out of your warm-up? Be mindful. Focus on what your goals are, dont skimp or rush, and listen to what your coach is saying. Youll be rewarded with better performance and less chances of injury on every workout.


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