3 Reasons Why You May Be Struggling to Maintain a Paleo Diet...and What You Can Do To Overcome Those Challenges

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Nobody ever said change is easy. And even after a change has been made, it's totally common to back peddle to old ways. If you've ever fallen victim to that in your caveman journey, don't sweat it. There are a ton of reasons why it happens, but there are also solutions to fix it. Weve got the 411 on it all for you. Struggle #1: You go out for dinner a lot Solution: Be strategic about your choices Take control by being your groups social director and providing restaurant options for consideration. Your group will appreciate the lack of research they'll have to do, and you'll get to control over where (or where not) to go. Make a short list by looking at menus online ahead of time and check out if theres anything that appeals to you. If it's something that's not paleo, see if there are ways to adjust it. And if its not 100% paleo that's okay. Just try to get it as close as possible. Some great choices are sashimi over a bed of greens at a Japanese restaurant, a bun-less burger with a sweet potato and mixed veggies at a diner, or fajitas, minus the rice and tortillas at a Mexican joint. Struggle #2: You're short on time Solution: Do some meal prep over the weekend If your weekdays are crazy, take advantage of free time on the weekend and plan ahead. Grill up extra chicken breasts, cook up generous portions of veggies, and have pre-cut servings of fruit on hand. They all store well in the fridge. Egg muffins are an awesome breakfast go-to and are super easy to make (just do a google search.) Struggle #3: Too many temptations around you Solution: Get rid of the junk...or at least the junk that appeals to YOU Even if your family members aren't interested in following your paleo ways, you're still doing them a favor by nixing the sweet and salty indulgences in the house. But if theres absolutely no way to keep a happy household that's also junk food free, buy items that you don't like. So if your spouse loves vanilla ice cream and you cant stand it, make sure thats the flavor thats sitting in your freezer. Dont forget, there are also loads of paleo treats you can bake at home too, so dessert is still on the menu. Just be mindful of your portions.


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