Come to the Dark Side: We Have Data

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The holidays are steadily approaching and while lights are a glow in the shadows, we still find Dark Social lurking in the corners. What is Dark Social you ask? Dark Social refers to the social sharing of content (pertaining to your box) that occurs outside of what can be measured through analytic programs. Dark Social has become exponentially more popular as the years of the social media boom progresses. According to Radiumones PO.ST 69% of all sharing activity takes place via Dark Social, which is bad news for box ownersbecause stats are no longer able to be tracked efficiently. For example, if a customeris looking tomake a New Years resolution by joining your box they may message their friend that is currently a member to ask them about their experience. This message may have been sparked by a recent Facebook "check in" their friend made.This correspondence is not taking place viayour box's page, but rather through a private messenger, therefore Facebook can not calculate all of the impact your Facebook page may havebecause messenger isn't measurable at this point in time. This can then boxowners to believe that their Facebook page is not having a successful and direct impact on their new clients. Though this interaction is not being recorded through statistical data, it is still showing active engagement for the business. Social media engagement is at a point where you either do really well, or fall by the waste side, based off where the customers are communicating and engaging. Do or Do Not There is No Try as Yoda likes to say. Consumers like to see an active box. Allow potential members to feel welcome enough to open up and talk about your box onpublic pages. No one likes to be the first one to like or comment on something, so be sure to respond to every comment, creating a comfortable voice and environment. Be engaging! People feel special when the page itself replies to them or likes a picture that they may tag your box in. Give them an experience they can remember so that next time they dont forget to share your page to their friends. Luckily for us, there is so much data collected (via insights) for box owners to help them properly advertise to a listening audience. With that being said, focus on outlets that match your target demographic. It is better to be awesome on one or two platforms, than to spread yourself too thin over six, or seven platforms. If you have trouble creating content for your blog and social media pages be sure to reach to the WOD Media team and we can help youget you started on the right trackfor this up coming year.


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