Five Superfoods You Need To Know About

  2017-03-17 09:00AM
Why does today's programming call for a boring 5K run? Most CrossFitters truly don't want to come to the box to go out and run for twenty-plus minutes. Or maybe today is strength day - back squats and deadlifts. You might be thinking “but I want to do a Mecton and sweat, Coach!” We're not always going to be happy with the particular Workout of the Day, but the programming that dictates these workouts is more nuanced and specific than you might think. Most boxes tailor their programming to improving the general physical preparedness (GPP) of their community. GPP is about building competency in all aspects of fitness so that you are prepared to handle whatever task life throws at you. GPP programming requires constantly-varied functional movements performed at high-intensity (Hey, you may have heard that before!) This is the reason some days are focused primarily on monostructural endurance pieces, such as rowing intervals or longer runs, and some days we lift heavy and throw barbells around. While it can be easy to get bummed when the WOD doesn't appeal to our interests or strengths, it's important to realize the intricacies that are inherent to programming. Your coach develops the program with specific goals and targets in mind that will help you develop skills, increase capacity, and build strength over time. Believe in your box's programming, trust your coaches, put in the work and the results will come!


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