2017-08-15 07:40AM
Few gymowners are as in tune with their clients as CrossFit affiliates are with the memberswho train in their boxes. You know what your memberswant to know, what they like, what they respond to. Now, most of you also understand the importance of creating marketing content, but a small percentage actually takes the time to do it consistently. I urge you to JUST DO IT. For starters, blogging is a beneficial way to develop your brand and drive website traffic for conversion. Converting prospects to membersis, in large part, based on developing personal relationship and trust. Your blog is your voice that, when marketed correctly to existing prospects and market niches, demonstrates your expertise and instills trust in you as a coaching expert. In order to grab a targeted audience you need to appeal to them as you would in person: be frank, friendly, and most importantly, engaging. You want your custom content to turn readers into visitors and visitors into members. You may be wondering how to go about this if you lack a writing background and want to avoid hiring a ghostwriter, the key is to keep your posts short and sweet, or as famous Michael Scott would say, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Be sure to keep your topics relevant and recurring, dont go too long before you write your next post. By setting up a blog pertaining to your box you are establishing your CrossFit authority. In the beginning phase of your post be sure to establish credibility early on so you dont leave your reader wondering, why should I take coachingfrom you? The great thing about blog posting is the long-term relationship that develops into long-term results. The sixty minutes you take to sit down and write the post will generate response for weeks, even months with the right marketing effort. For example, the first day you market your post it may generate 200 views and 5 leads, and the next day 100 views and 2 leads. Within a couple weeks of writing the post, the search engines should have indexed the page and your social media profiles have provided all the traffic they will. When you find the fanfare has died, you better have another post ready to go. Social media marketing is a necessary part of any boxespromotional strategy. Content Marketing is the new catch phrase that you will see all over the web, and its essentially a necessary component within your marketing regime. For ideas on topics for your next social media posts and blogs visit:3 Types Of Posts: Social Media Marketing Campaignsfor more information. For more information on content marketing or automating the connection between your members and prospects, please contact WOD Media.


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