Paleo Eating for Kids

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Imagine if your little one reached for berries instead of blueberry muffins -- by choice. All of those kid-friendly foods like sugar-filled cereal, cookies, and chips really arent so friendly when it comes to keeping kids healthy. Truth be told, there isnt anything that a paleo diet eliminates that cant be made up for with something that is cavekid friendly. Calcium: Its In Way More Than Milk Its natural to turn to milk for calcium, but its just waiting to be consumed in so many other ways (and with the added bonus of not upsetting little tummies.) Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale boast an impressive list of nutritional benefits, one of which is - you guessed it - calcium. If sauteed spinach sounds a little too adventurous for your little one, try masking it a bit in tomato sauce, making sure that your sauce contains no added sugars. Almonds are another great option for calcium. Theres No Such Thing As Too Many Fresh Veggies The number of overweight children is staggering, but you can bet none of them got that way by eating hearty portions of fresh vegetables. A colorful dinner plate is just as fun for kids to look at as it is to eat, not to mention itll always be packed with vitamins and minerals. Be a little lax with your little ones by keeping peas and corn -- both traditional paleo no-nos -- on their menu. Carbs and Kids: They Have To Mix...Or Do They? There arent any nutrients that are exclusively in grains, though they are classic go-tos for fiber and iron, both of which are important for little bodies. But there are plenty of other options. Sirloin and pumpkin seeds are great iron sources, while fiber-rich choices include raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Get your little one involved in the cooking by letting them flavor their own pumpkin seeds -- just make sure to offer them dry seasonings only. And dont forget about the good carbs like squash and sweet potato! Really, the majority of what youre eliminating from the diets of children when the entire family goes paleo is processed food. And think about it this way: your kids will have the prettiest looking lunch at school because everything is fresh.


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