Paleo Sweet Treats You Need To Know About This Valentine’s Day

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
This Valentines Day (or any day, really) we want to nix thoughts of sweets being totally off limits just because youve adapted to a paleo lifestyle. Youve got to live your life, right? Not to mention it can get pretty awkward, whether youre the giver or the recipient, turning your nose up to those pretty heart-shaped boxes with fun chocolate diagrams. So do yourself - and your love - a favor by choosing from these sweet treats instead. Dark chocolate Like really, really dark chocolate. The good stuff. Not the type thats at the supermarket cash register. Look for high-quality bars that are at least 70% chocolate. Try checking out a health food store too; some even carry ones that are marked as being paleo friendly. Added bonus: the good stuff comes packed with antioxidants, so its good for you too...just dont use that as an excuse to make downing chocolate a free for all. Specialty flours Try your hand at paleo baking. Youll become fast friends with specialty flours, like almond and coconut which, on their own arent so sweet, but once youve mixed in paleo-approved sweeteners like agave, cacao, or honey, youre golden. Paleo versions of classic staples like apple crumble and even brownies are within reach. Frozen fruit Technically high-sugar fruits like mango and pineapple should be traded for their low-sugar counterparts like berries, but we say look the other way when it comes to having fruit for dessert. If you want to get really fancy, mix up your own dark chocolate, dip your fruit, and let it settle. Dress it up by presenting it in a fancy box.


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