Patience While Learning the Olympic Lifts

  2017-07-21 10:00AM

It’s tempting when you hear “Time!” to throw your equipment in the right direction and hightail it out the door. And really, what can you accomplish in those few minutes after your WOD? Actually, quite a bit. Here are some tips on using those last few minutes to effectively finish off your time in the box: First and foremost, cover the basics.  Record and track your times/reps/weights somewhere you can reference them at a later date, whether it is on the client management system your gym uses, or in an old fashioned spiral notebook--just record it somewhere. Then, clean up and wipe off your barbells, kettlebells, med balls, pull-up bars or any other equipment you happened to use. Make sure to give your WOD buddies a high-five, chest bump, or a sweaty chalk printed pat on the back. Once you have hit all points on the checklist above, and you have an extra 5 or 10 minutes at the end your workout, here are some great ways to put that time to use and level up your Crossfit game: Massage It Out. Grab a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball and roll or massage out the muscles that have been exhausted during the the WOD. This will help to prevent the muscles from tightening and stiffening up after a workout and will help to relieve soreness over the next few days. This will also help to minimize or eliminate common muscle and postural imbalances that develop from training. Additionally, this will help to extend range of motion, develop flexibility and serve as great injury prevention protocol. All that in just a few minutes! Cool It Down. Another great use of your time is to immediately transition into a light "zone 1" cardio session (think a leisurely row or a spin on the Assault Bike.) This protocol will help to bring your heart rate and your core body temperature back down to normal. Creating a habit of this will not only speed recovery, but will increase your aerobic capacity many times over. Employing zone 1 training over time will help to lower your Fran time, aid in recovery and generally make you harder to kill. A little bit of extra work can big a big contributor to strength and endurance gains. Always check in with your coaches to make sure you are not at risk of overtraining, and then put those few minutes to work!


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