Stop Hand Picking Your WODs

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
It's totally normal and to be expected that you like one WOD more than another. If the thought of doing overhead squats and bear complexes makes you want to cringe, we get it. If deadlifts and cleans are more your thing, were guessing you make it your business to get to class on those days. That's totally fine too. But everything has its purpose. So stop hand picking your WODs -- these are just a few reasons why. To perfect your form Something we may not always stress in class is how one movement ties into another. Most people don't like planks much, but they're super important to master. And not just because they're a great core exercise. The form you hold in a plank is a base for so many other movements. You probably just don't realize it because you're in an upright position most of the time. To strengthen your entire body If you're always in class when were emphasizing lower body, how are you going to increase your upper body strength? You're not. Don't be afraid of lifts you don't feel confident about (yet!) We will help you. To progress If your goal is to do a pull-up, you've got to actually come to the classes when we are doing pull-ups. Train your weakness. We can modify to do things like bar hangs, negatives, or resistance band pull-ups so that eventually you'll hit your goal. But you've got to show up for that to happen. To learn from your peers Your fellow athletes may have figured out their own strategy for making something work in their favor. Like maybe a j hook rope climbing technique didn't help them get to the top of the rope, but something else did. That could be useful information. But if you're only going to select classes, you could be missing out by not interacting with lots of different people. Just make sure a coach is aware of what you're doing.


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