The Basics of the Sled

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The sled is one of the most effective tools for building strength without putting a demanding load on the body. The sled is incredibly versatile as it can be used for everything from metabolic conditioning to speed training or strength work. You can push it (high or low), drag it backwards, or pull it forwards. Sled Drag The person faces the object (a sled or Prowler) and pulls the object backwards.Its meant to test your quad, back and core strength. Think about leaning backwards and pulling away from the object as hard as possible. Sled Pulls Using straps or a harness, you face away from the sled or Prowler, lean forwards, and drive your knees to your chest. This type of pull will engage more of your posterior chain - think hamstrings and glutes! Sled Pushes The Prowler can be pushed with your hands on either the high or low handles. The high handles are noticeably easier and a great way to modify lower body exercises for those with spinal loading issues or back injuries. The low handles will require you to stay closer to the ground and engage more of your core and back muscles. Both are incredibly effective for strength gains as well as improving cardiovascular endurance. Tips for Performance:
  • Once the sled is moving, never ever let it stop!
  • Use short, choppy, quick steps!
  • Use your weight to your advantage & let your legs do the work!
  • Push past your perceived limits; you can move that sled further than you think!


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