The Best Hour of Your Day

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The CrossFit box is truly a very special and unique entity. CrossFit is so transformative because of what happens between the four walls of the gym. Its not the workout, or the coach, or the equipment that makes it special, but rather the people suffering through it all right by your side. Without those people you may not be as inclined to push through extreme fatigue, fight for that last rep, or go for that heavier lift. We all have stress and problems to worry about day after day, but entering the box gives us the chance to turn it all off and focus on one singular thing for one singular hour: ourselves. Regardless of your issues with a loved one, financial stress, or problems at work, your time at the gym provides mental clarity to just move and have fun while doing it. When your day doesnt seem to be going as planned or you really cant imagine conjuring up the energy to get to the gym, remember this: getting there is the hardest part. Once you walk through the doors, you have already won the battle. Now its time to turn off your brain, listen to your coaches, and enjoy getting fit with those around you. This is your one hour to zone out, focus on you, and better yourself. This is the best hour of your day. When youre struggling to find motivation to get to the gym, think about the way you feel after finishing your workout - accomplished, energetic, positive, and proud. Think about enjoying those feelings alongside your peers at the box. Enjoy your time. Make it the absolute best hour of your day.


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