AM-What? A CrossFit Glossary for Newbies

  2017-05-12 10:00AM
Don’t fret if you feel like everyone is speaking a different language at your new CrossFit gym. Check out this guide to the most commonly used terms and you’ll be in the know by your next WOD! AMRAP: As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible.  In a workout you will be given a certain amount of time to complete a certain amount of repetitions or rounds. AB RASH:  Unfortunately this is something you will eventually receive after a large number of sit ups on your AB mat.  You’ll know it when it happens. BENCHMARK:  One of several standard workouts that are known across the CrossFit Community.  Benchmark workouts are a great way to help track your progress over time. BOX:  The place where you do your CrossFit workouts.  It can be a gym, a warehouse or even a garage. BW:  Body Weight.  You will sometimes be asked to perform a movement based on your BW. CHIPPER:  A workout that contains a lot of reps and movements that you “chip” away at. CFT:  CrossFit Total.  This is your total weight lifted when you combine your deadlift, back squat and shoulder press. C2B/CTB:  Chest to Bar.  A pull-up where your chest meets the bar. DU’s:  Double Unders.  While jumping rope, the rope passes under your feet twice between each jump. EMOM:  Every Minute on the Minute.  When you are asked to perform number of reps or movements at the start of every minute. FIREBREATHER:  When an athlete executes the WOD at a higher level than prescribed. THE GAMES: The Annual CrossFit Competition to find the top male and female CrossFitter worldwide.  Kind of a big deal! HEROES: There are benchmark WOD’s that are named after and honor those who have lost their lives while in the line of duty. HRPU:  Hand Release Push Up.  A push up where your chest hits the ground and you pick your hands quickly off the floor. HSPU:  Hand Stand Push Up.  When you perform a push up while inverted.  This is usually executed up against a wall. Don’t worry--these won’t be expected of you right away! K2E/KTE:  Knees to Elbow.  While hanging on pull up bar, you will bring your knees to touch your elbows. KB/KBS:  Kettlebell/Kettlebell Swings LADDER:  Any WOD where the movement and rep change with each round.  For example a Clean Ladder would be 1 clean, then 2 cleans, then 3 cleans, etc until complete.  Amount of weight on bar may or may not increase with the reps. ME:  Max Effort.  When you put in the maximum effort of exertion during a set period of time. METCON:  Metabolic Conditioning.  A quick, high-intensity workout that is intended to enhance your performance in three metabolic pathways and improve your cardiovascular capacity. NANO’S:  Sneakers that are specifically made by Reebok for CrossFit. PALEO:  A food diet “lifestyle” that consists of lean meat/protein, vegetables, nuts/seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. PR:  Personal Record.  This happens when you perform an exercise with a heavier weight or a faster time for the first time. It’s super exciting! PU:  Pull-up or Push-Up.  Your Coach will clarify for the particular WOD. RM:  Repetition Maximum is your 1RM for one repetition of a specified movement.  Your 5RM is the most you can lift or perform 5 times before failure. RX:  As prescribed.  This is the workout as it is written on the board without making any modifications. T2B/TTB:  Toes to Bar.  While hanging on pull up bar, you will bring your toes high enough in front of you to touch the same bar you are hanging from. TABATA:  Usually used for Cash-Outs, Tabata is a form of workout is 8 rounds in 4 minutes.  You will do the specified movement for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds, between rounds. WOD:  Workout of the Day!  Most likely the most used term across the CrossFit community.  this is the workout that is created for each specific day.  Usually the box owner or head coach will create it.


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