Balance Outside the Box

  2018-04-09 10:00AM

Life balance is something that can be hard to find and even harder to hold on to. Balance takes constant adjustment and work over time. CrossFit prepares us both mentally and physically to tackle any challenge that comes our way, but sometimes creating symmetry in our lives is the challenge. Here are some ways to ensure you are constantly keeping balance in your life:

1. Find your hobby. As CrossFitters, it is clear we are passionate about health and fitness, but what else do you enjoy? Maybe it is working with kids, writing, or going to museums. What ever you enjoy, be sure to make time for those things!

2. Meal prep. Preparing your meals in advance is one of the easiest ways to relax your mind, set yourself up for success, and take some stress away from day to day life. Knowing that you already have cooked and prepped some of your meals will give you some added free time or ensure a more balanced diet throughout the week.

3. Do things outside. Get outside! Vitamin D is free if you spend some time in the sun. Do something active or, if the weather permits, just lounge around at the beach, park, or in your yard. Being outside naturally boosts your mood and energy stores.

4. Spend family time. Bring your children or parents to the gym and share your passion! Make time each day to spend with a loved one, friend, or family members. It will surely make a big difference in your life.

5. Set electronic boundaries. Most of us go to bed and wake up looking at screens. We get calls at the dinner table and check text messages while working out. Take time away from your laptop, cell phone, or tablet each day to decompress and hear yourself think!

Make sure that you have a good grip on these things to support yourself, your mental health, and your overall life. CrossFit is amazing and improves us in a variety of ways each day, but the balance has to be there in order to truly give your best self inside and outside the box!


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