Being Smart: Simple Tips to Stay Healthy in the Box

  2018-09-14 10:00AM

CrossFit allows us to do things outside of the gym that we may have never thought possible. Do you want to run a half-marathon or climb a mountain? Great, your training will provide you with the base to start preparing to meet that goal! Maybe you train just so that you can keep up with your grandkids at home. Whatever your outside motivations may be, we can only achieve these things if we stay healthy inside the box. While aches and pains are normal when you’re pushing yourself to your physical limits each day, injuries can often be prevented with some simple routine adjustments! Here are six basic points of injury prevention:

1. Rest at least 1-2 days per week! Sure, sometimes your body feels great and you are finally seeing some progress. Don’t fall into the trap of skipping rest days. They are essential for recovery and help keep you from developing any preventable injuries.

2. Sleep 6-8 hours per night. Everyone has a million excuses as to why they don’t get enough sleep. Find a way to get rid of these excuses, make some changes, and do your body justice by sleeping an adequate amount each night.

3. Eat well all day, everyday. You cannot out-train a bad diet. Limit sugars and processed foods. Whole, unprocessed foods will fuel you to perform AND recover better!

4. Plan for the workout mentally. Take some time to come in prepared for the day’s workout. You will get more out of it and be better equipped for what is asked of you.

5. Leave time to mobilize. Be sure to leave at least 15 minutes on either side of your hour of training for some additional stretching. Mobility is often one of the main reasons people develop injuries inside the gym. Never neglect your limited range of motion.

6. Scale and modify when needed. This is non-negotiable. Never allow your ego to choose your movements or load your bar. Ask a coach when in doubt about what is appropriate for you and your current ability. We assure you we will never lead you astray!

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