BREAKING BAD Habits at the Box

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Most of us have them. Many of us arent even aware of them, but I guarantee everyone has at least one. We are talking about bad habits. Specifically the bad habits you bring to CrossFit with you. You may not even know that they exist until someone else is brave enough to bring them to your attention. Picture this. You walk into your box and see on the board that you have to do overhead squats. You suddenly feel faint and weak. Why? Either youre not good at them or you simply do not like them. Not surprisingly, the people who dont like them usually are the people who arent good at them. This may not be because of bad coaching or lack of trying. It could simply be because this is a very complicated, technical movement which takes time to perfect. So you choose a weight that is manageable, get through your WOD with decent form and walk away happy to know that you probably wont see overhead squats for another couple of weeks! That mentality may carry you through for a while but if it continues too long, you risk injury while at the same time not taking full advantage of your time or your ability. Bad habits are formed for various reasons. Body mechanics, bad form, heavy load, lack of patience or simply not listening to your Coach. All should be pretty easy fixes, right? Yes, they should be and they can be. Get back to the basics. Scale your weight and open your mind! RECOGNIZE YOUR BAD HABIT. It could be something as simple as not keeping your head neutral or not bending your knees enough. If youre not sure, ask your Coach or a partner to watch you and critique you. Watching videos of yourself is a great learning tool! LISTEN TO YOUR COACH. Its that simple. If your Coach corrects you its because youre not doing it as effectively as you can. Accept it and listen! HAVE PATIENCE. It takes time to form bad habits and it will take time to get rid of them. Set aside extra time to focus on one thing. Go to the box early, stay late. Grab a buddy. REPETITION. Whats the best way to learn something? By doing it over and over and over. Its called practice and we all know that practice makes perfect. Take your time and try to have fun. Breaking bad habits in CrossFit can be the separation between injury and non-injury. It can be seconds/minutes shaved off your best Fran time. Leave your pride at the door and do what you have to do to become the best CrossFitter that you will allow yourself to be!


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