Breaking Down the ManMaker

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
As a CrossFit Coach, I often get questions from my newer athletes when its time to perform their first ManMaker. ManMakers, often referred to as burpees on steroids, are an intense compound exercise that will increase your strength and cardiovascular endurance. This is a head to toe, full body movement that will challenge anyone and everyone who does it. (Unsurprisingly, its believed to have been the secret exercise movement for the guys in the movie 300.) Before attempting this movement you should be comfortable with a basic burpee, push up, squat and overhead press. While there may be slight variations, this is the basic breakdown on how to perform a Man Maker. Review it and youll be all set next time you see these on the board! First, grab two dumbbells, preferably a bit lighter than what you would normally use for an overhead dumbbell press. Then:
  • Holding a weight in each hand, start with arms straight by your side (palms facing in). Squat down, getting into pushup position, never releasing the weights. Perform one pushup.
  • After completing the push up you will lift one dumbbell away from the ground, keeping elbows close, and then switch sides, repeating. This is called a Renegade Row. While performing the row, your body should be as balanced, straight and stable as possible. No butts in the air, please! If you find this difficult, try decreasing your weight.
  • While still in plank position, with weight in hands, jump your feet back in towards the dumbbells as if you were doing a burpee. Squat clean the dumbbells then push press the dumbbells overhead as explosively as you can, similar to a thruster.
  • Lower the dumbbells back to your side for one complete repetition.
Man Makers can be brutal but rewarding. Be sure you keep your form as intact as possible to ensure effectiveness and dont be too proud to lower your weight until you become more comfortable with the movement!


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