Build Your Own Weight Belt

  2018-04-05 10:00AM

We all know those people at the gym who consider the weight belt an absolutely necessary piece of equipment—you hardly ever see them without it. Interestingly, there is some controversy surrounding the regular use of weight lifting belts in the fitness world. Many athletes and coaches in the CrossFit community have ditched their belts (most of the time) in order to build their core and decrease their chance of injury.

Not wearing a belt helps keep you focused on using proper form and also helps to reduce the tendency to lift more weight than what you should be lifting. Wearing a weight belt can increase the chance of injury as the trunk muscles become disproportionally underdeveloped. By forcing yourself to train without a belt, you can focus on bracing and using your core to stabilize the load you are trying to move.

Certain times when using a weight belt is recommended:

Pre-existing Back Injuries: It is important to consult with a medical professional and use a belt to help prevent further injury. 

Heavy Powerlifting: When performing heavy singles of back squat and deadlift, the belt helps you hold your air while giving you something to push against.

Overall, most days in the CrossFit gym do not require a weight belt. Even when back squats, snatches, or clean and jerks are programmed, try to hold back on using the belt. Instead, challenge yourself to engage your core muscles, breathe deeply, and engage the trunk. Not only will your abdominals get stronger and more defined, but all your movements inside the gym will improve. Our core generates power and stabilizes our trunk as we try to do things like pull-ups, overhead movements, and muscle ups. Ditch the belt, unless absolutely necessary, and build your core…or your very own “weight belt!”


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