CrossFit for Kids: Developing the Fitness Lifestyle

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Children as young as preschool age can get involved in CrossFit! There may be a few raised eyebrows at that statement, but the benefits of starting an exercise program at any age are many. While adult CrossFitters may focus more on the physical aspect of the workout, CrossFit for kids focuses on promoting a steady development of the body and the mind. Programs for kids typically emphasize fun and learning over actual physical components. There are several ways in which participating in CrossFit can help children develop a healthy fitness lifestyle. The physical benefits of CrossFit for kids are perhaps the most obvious. Many children will participate in a wide range of activities, from gymnastics to weightlifting to calisthenics. Over time, these activities build strength and endurance, and teach the child to move more effectively and efficiently. The goal is to promote coordination, flexibility, and a life-long love of physical fitness, so that CrossFit kids continue their healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Unlike team sports, which are often abandoned in adulthood, CrossFit shows kids they can enjoy fitness and exercise anywhere, any time, at any age. CrossFit also fosters emotional development, particularly when it comes to group support and interacting with (and helping) one another. Many children find that CrossFit helps keep them motivated and focused, and gives them an extra boost in confidence. The CrossFit for kids program is full of challenges and rewards. The main goal is to help kids develop a healthy lifestyle that will carry through to their adult years. Many coaches say that it is their favorite thing when they see whole families that participate together. Sharing that love of fitness can be a great way for a family to connect, get healthy, and instill a life-long love of fitness. Give your child a try at a CrossFit for kids program and see a noticeable difference in your childs physical, emotional and psychological well being today.


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