CrossFit for Kids: Building Confidence

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
With an emphasis on camaraderie and friendship, along with a supportive atmosphere and environment, it's no secret that CrossFit for kids can be a great way to boost confidence. One of the more common responses from adults who participate in CrossFit for an extended time is that it adds confidence and self-esteem. The same is true with kids who attend regular CrossFit for kids classes. CrossFit gives kids a physical outlet that is designed and structured around their individual needs. The accomplishment of small incremental fitness goals helps to raise confidence levels. Kids of all ages and abilities can get involved in CrossFit. Many find that they really enjoy it and continue to stick with it over the years. The goal of most youth-oriented CrossFit programs is to make fitness more enjoyable for all kids, regardless of age or ability. Programs focus on encouraging children to remain physically active and developing a lasting love of physical fitness. Youth-oriented CrossFit workouts involve a combination of strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, and balance. As kids take part in core fitness activities, they learn to work together as a team and to challenge themselves to try new things. In one CrossFit Journal article, CrossFit kids were shown to be on a different level than many of their non-CrossFit peers. For example, kids who participate in CrossFit are generally more capable and competent, and are often able to more successfully navigate difficult situations. Every CrossFit workout is a challenge to overcome, and many CrossFit kids become comfortable and confident with obstacles, both in and out of the gym. CrossFit boosts confidence among kids of all ages. A supportive environment and wide range of activities means that it's easily customizable for all ages and fitness abilities. Let your child try CrossFit for Kids and help them prepare for a confident future!


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