CrossFit for Kids: Fitness Done Right

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Many adults get involved in CrossFit to get in shape on their own terms. CrossFit can be easily modified to meet the demands of any participant, regardless of age, shape, or physical abilities. An increasing number of children are becoming involved in CrossFit as well, as many CrossFit gyms, or boxes, have added in a specially developed CrossFit for kids program, with coaches who have undergone specialized training to meet the needs of kids of all ages. There are several reasons why kids benefit from CrossFit. For starters, it encourages mental and physical well-being by promoting physical fitness in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Children also learn to challenge themselves through various milestones and movements. Many CrossFit kids feel more confident about themselves and their abilities, which can lead to increased performance at school and in other activities. One of the main goals in any CrossFit workout is to have fun. If a workout is fun, kids are more likely to participate. For example, it may be difficult for a child to really get interested in pull-ups or push-ups, especially when performing them alone. Add in a competition or a challenge, and suddenly the task becomes much more enjoyable. Many kids perform the same or similar workouts as adults, but in modified ways (deadlifts with a no-weight PVC pipe rather than a loaded bar, for example) designed for their developing bodies. CrossFit sets itself apart from other types of workouts because it promotes constant variance. CrossFit kids participants will rarely do the same workout twice. Workouts for children are varied, and are often designed to suits the needs of specific age groups. For example, preschoolers will typically perform a different workout than older children or teens. Not only does this make workouts more enjoyable but also safe. Get your children on the path to lifelong fitness. Check out a CrossFit for kids class schedule for the next opportunity to introduce your child to CrossFit. You wont be disappointed with the results.


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