CrossFit for Kids: Fitness for All!

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
When a child gets involved in any sport or discipline, the goal is to promote excitement and enjoyment for physical activity. Many children will find their niche early, favoring a bat or soccer ball from the time they can walk. Some struggle to find a sport they like, even though they may be quite outgoing socially and physically adept. Others hate the very idea of team sports and shy away completely. But one thing is true: kids love to play. And this is where Crossfit for kids comes in. Crossfit for kids creates a welcoming, no-judgement environment that often levels the playing field between the sporty and not-so-sporty child. The CrossFit community is accepting and encouraging, despite age or fitness abilities. This makes it easier for kids (and adults) to become involved in the community that is CrossFit. In a way different from other sports or team activities, CrossFit for kids builds confidence through the learning and mastery of skills and techniques in a relaxed environment--one where the kids know they are not being watched by a crowd or being silently separated into the A and B teams. The benefits are many. CrossFit for kids encourages children to have fun and enjoy each session. Kids who have started exercising and working out at a younger age may feel more confident and willing to maintain some level of fitness over the years. Kids who may have sat out their after-school time in front of their iPads or the TV look forward to seeing new friends, having fun and doing some exercise that feels exhilarating. A child who may have always been the last to be picked may find that he or she is amazing at burpees! And pushups! The hope is that once a child finds something they enjoy doing, they will continue to prioritize fitness throughout their lives--for the sheer thrill of it. For younger children, CrossFit begins to promote body and mind development through a variety of age-appropriate skills. Learning how to cope with and overcome various physical challenges, on or off a field, is a great way to enhance the skill set and capabilities of all children, regardless of their background and interests. Often kids who dont fit into the typical mold for team sports miss out on these important benefits. CrossFit for kids appeals to all. Whether your child is the star of the football team, or the kid who prefers cartwheels in the yard over balls-and-uniforms, CrossFit has something to offer. From increased confidence to greater self discipline and sportsmanship, CrossFit kids will gain the skills they need to succeed, both inside and outside the gym.


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