CrossFit for Kids: Low Weight, High Reps and Lots of Fun!

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Many parents, whether they are CrossFitters themselves or not, have heard about CrossFit for kids. They have heard the buzzwords scaling and modification but still may wonder specifically what this means when it comes to a CrossFit Kids class. The best way to train kids, according to most experts, is with light weights and higher repetitions. The idea behind this practice is that it increases endurance and skips the muscle fatigue that comes with an adult CrossFit workout. High reps in this case may mean just 8-12 repetitions per set, or even much lower for younger children who are just getting started. CrossFit Kids workouts will generally vary among age groups. Younger children without much muscle strength do best when they build up a base slowly over time. Older children, in the pre-teen to teenage group, may begin to slowly incorporate or increase the weights in their CrossFit routines. A good CrossFit for Kids program will include coaches with specialized kids training (a must) and an understanding of the differing demands between age groups. While your 12 year old may be doing a box jump, your 5 year old will probably doing a superhero leap instead. Or a frog-inspired squat. The bottom line: children of all ages can participate in CrossFit. While workouts are often vastly different from those an adult would do, the goal is similar--fun athleticism that feels like play, not work. By scaling back weights or eliminating them completely, and offering children guided activity done in short bursts, CrossFit for Kids can help children gain endurance and build a base for learning new skills later on.


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