CrossFit for Kids: What to Expect-and Not Expect-- in a CrossFit Kids Class

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
CrossFit? for Kids? Thats absurd! Wow, they have CrossFit for kids? Where and when? These are all comments that I have heard from parents when I tell them that I am a CrossFit Kids Coach. Here is my reply: Yes there is CrossFit for kids! It introduces them to a different type of physical activity while making friends, building confidence and having fun! CrossFit Kids is not necessarily a scaled down version of CrossFit. It is programmed for children ages 3-18. Is a 3-year old going to be given the same workout as an 18-year old? No! Will they both be taught how to effectively use their bodies through functional, daily movements? Yes! Taught in a group setting similar to a normal PE class, a CrossFit Kids workout will consist of constantly varied, functional movements that are general enough and scalable enough for each and every age and ability. Through structured games and timed activities, they will learn how to work with their body weight through proper push-ups, sit-ups and air squats. They will learn coordination through jumping, throwing and climbing. They will gain stamina and endurance through constant movement and they will gain strength through repetition. Once a child has reached a social and physical level to where their Coach is comfortable introducing anything more than a PVC pipe, more advanced moves will be instructed. Form is always more important than weight and should be strictly enforced and taught by a thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids trainer. While the goal is the same across the board, each box may have different daily goals which are dependent on their CrossFit Kid members. Some boxes may offer specific age group classes while others may offer one class and will separate the kids by age and ability level. As a parent you should have full disclosure as to what your child will be doing on any specific day. At the same time, its important to let the Coaches do their job. So grab a seat and youll probably be amazed by what your kids can do. CrossFit Kids is all about them! Its about teaching them that physical activity is fun, challenging and rewarding. Its about giving them a healthy foundation that they can choose to expand upon as they grow. The first class is usually always free, so check it out! Your child may soon love the taste of the CrossFit Kool-Aid as much as you do!


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