CrossFit Myths Broken

  2018-01-19 10:13AM

Most of us have heard the comments and criticisms that have been made about the CrossFit discipline.  Let’s take some time to demystify the common myths surrounding CrossFit.

“You should get in shape before you start CrossFit.” CrossFit is inherently scalable meaning that anyone can come in the door and complete a workout! Good coaches meet you where you are and help you progress. All you need is a desire to put in the work and learn how to improve your health and fitness.

“You’ll inevitably get hurt doing CrossFit.” Many people believe that CrossFit has a disproportionately high number of injuries. Just like any sport, there are going to injuries sometimes. However, there has been no conclusive evidence that shows CrossFit causes more injuries than running, cycling, football, soccer, softball, or any other sport. Athletes must be prepared to listen to their body, take rest days, and follow training protocol to ensure that injuries are prevented.

“CrossFit makes women big and bulky.” Many peoples’ idea of a female CrossFitter is shaped by what they see online or on social media. The bodies of the elite CrossFitters are what get recognized, when in reality, they are the exception and not the norm. More often than not, female CrossFitters care more about what their bodies can DO, rather than what they look like.

“You must follow the Paleo diet if you do CrossFit.” While many CrossFitters choose to follow a diet that furthers their health and training goals, the Paleo diet is not a necessary part of doing CrossFit. You won't be shunned for eating carbs from grains or using cheese as your fat of choice. Everyone is different and each athlete needs to find a nutrition format that fits their specific needs, goals, and lifestyle!

“You have to want to be competitive to CrossFit.” While competition is definitely a part of CrossFit, everyone chooses how they want it to play into their experience. Some people use each day’s WOD as their competitive outlet. Others choose to be “weekend warriors” and participate in competitions with friends from the box. Believe it or not, some CrossFitters don’t compete at all. Instead of tracking every score, PR, and time, they just use CrossFit as their lifestyle for health and enjoy their time spent improving their fitness!


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