CrossFit over 50 - Fire Up Your Metabolism

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Metabolism is defined as the range of biochemical processes that occur within a living organism. Everyone has an individual basal metabolic rate (BMR,) which is the energy your body burns just to maintain functioning at rest. Metabolism and BMR is determined by a number of factors. Body size and composition, age, and gender are some of the most crucial factors, along with hormonal factors and physical activity. Some of those factors we obviously cannot change--like our age and the naturally resulting decline in metabolism that becomes more pronounced in our 40s and 50s--but others we certainly can. Routine exercise is a huge boost to metabolism--as is the change in body composition that should ideally come from it. How, then, does this relate to the CrossFit discipline? According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should spend at least 30 minutes a day on some form of physical activity to simply maintain their weight. Some individuals may increase this time to meet certain goals, such as weight loss or reaching a specific milestone related to physical activity. Most find that a combination of weight bearing, and aerobic exercise offers the most benefits. Regular aerobic exercise is optimal for burning calories and for losing or maintaining weight. But as any adult will tell you who has spent countless hours exclusively on a treadmill at the gym, its not enough--and not always very effective. Strength training is particularly beneficial for older adults as it helps to reverse muscle loss that's frequently associated with aging. Enter CrossFit! Fortunately, CrossFit offers both --all in just one hour-or-less session. CrossFit workouts train the entire body, at once, at relatively intense intervals. Over time, this can lead to a better body composition (less fat, more lean muscle) and a resulting higher metabolic rate, which will ultimately lead to a healthier weight. As we age, our metabolic rate naturally declines. Some factors, such as age and body size, can't really be changed. However, you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight and body mass by participating in regular physical activity. CrossFit encourages weight loss and healthier bodies through its magical formula of constantly varied functional movements performed at a relatively high intensity. Try CrossFit and give your metabolism the much-needed rev youve been looking for.


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