Feel Your Feet to Lift More

  2018-09-04 10:00AM

The basic fundamentals of weightlifting are stance, grip, and position, but the most important--and overlooked--is arguably the athlete’s stance.

Our stance is not only about our foot placement in the jump and the land, but also about how our feet feel against the ground when we pull, when we jump, and when we land. If we can connect with our feet, we can make a greater connection with the ground and use it as our source of energy and power. Here are some tips to feeling your feet and the floor-body connection they create:

1. Set up with a full foot grip. When you’re pulling off the floor, it’s important to grip the floor with your big toe, pinky toe and heel equally. This will provide you the maximum amount of torque as you drive against the floor to squat or pull.

2. Balance the weight. When the bar starts to pass your knees and gets higher on your leg, and you’re getting ready to jump, your weight should be centered and balanced on your mid foot.

3. Land strong. Do you ever hear the beautiful sound of Olympic Weightlifters feet hitting the ground as they finish a lift? This is because they move their feet and land with a solid base. Think whole foot connection, allowing you to feel balanced and strong through your feet.

While these tips seem simple, they are incredibly important to the success of your lifts. Stay connected with how your feet feel during every part of the lift, and you’ll have a much easier time of feeling connected to the barbell and keeping your movement dialed in!


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