Finding Your Perfect Squat Stance

  2018-09-24 10:00AM

For many, the full-depth squat can be incredibly uncomfortable and feel unnatural at first. Squatting technique is a tricky topic because there are many different styles that can work. Each athlete’s ideal stance will be individual based on anatomical specifics such as hip and femur anatomy and upper and lower leg length relative to each other. Here are some steps to follow if you have been struggling to find a comfortable squat stance:

1. First, place your heels slightly wider than hip width, turn your toes out slightly, and sit into the bottom of a squat without worrying about your back or any other intricacies.

2. Adjust feet width and the degree that your toes are turned out until your feet are flat on the floor, your hips are comfortable, and each thigh is approximately parallel with the corresponding foot.

3. Be sure not to push your toes out to an extreme degree to compensate for limited mobility. If you have extremely tight hips or ankles, you are going to find that you are not comfortable in any of these positions. For mobility improvement, the spiderman lunge and squatting ankle stretch will give you the most benefit for time invested!

Take the time to find the most comfortable and effective squat stance for yourself. Once you have found that position, stick with it and invest the necessary time and effort into mobilizing to improve your position. Developing a great squat definitely takes some time, but is possible and will be well worth your effort in the long run.

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