Five Things to do Post-WOD

  2017-09-25 10:00AM

Do you typically run out of the gym as soon as class wraps up? Ever find yourself thinking about doing some extra stuff but passing it up and leaving instead? Here are five things to do post-WOD that will help you improve your recovery, performance, and relationships inside the box!

  1. Replenish Fuel. As soon as you're done with your workout, you should be taking in a protein-packed recovery shake. Depending on your goals, you may even want to add some fast-absorbing, simple carbohydrates. An easily and quickly digestible amount of protein is 20-25 grams. This will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis while promoting recovery.
  2. Connect with Peers. Take this time to chat it up with some of your training partners in class. Ask about their workout, how they felt, or what strategy they used to get through that brutal chipper. This is the perfect opportunity to create and build relationships with others at the box!
  3. Stretch. While its not typically recommended to spend a ton of time doing static stretches before you workout, you may benefit from a quick post-WOD mobility session. As you perform contraction after contraction during your workout, your muscles are left in a shortened state. Stretching helps to reset your body to a natural position and promote the recovery of those muscles.
  4. Work a Weakness. Have an extra 30 minutes before you need to pick up the kids? Take the time after class to work on one of your specific weaknesses in the gym. While you're already warmed up, you can go right into a quick gymnastics circuit or some empty barbell technique work. Doing this a few times a week will pay dividends in your journey towards your goals.
  5. Help Someone Else. Maybe you're not the strongest athlete at the box, but you have a knack for bodyweight, gymnastics movements. If you see someone after class working on their kip swing, take a few minutes to provide them with some insight and cues. You never know how you can impact someone else until you try!

Remember, the box is a community and people want to get better together. Have the best hour of your day during class and then spend some extra time with others after your WOD. You won't regret it!


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