Four Great Reasons To Change Up Your WOD Time

  2018-08-09 10:00AM

Fitness is a life-long journey where you will experience different segments of varied motivation, progress, and excitement. As with anything else in life, we sometimes hit lulls or plateaus that seem to halt enthusiasm and growth in its tracks. But there is a simple solution to cease the stalling of your fitness progress: change up your exercise schedule. Here are some reasons to consider changing it up:

1. Break up a stale routine. The switch from an evening to morning class could give you a burst of energy heading into work, or help improve sleep as you’re not exercising so close to bedtime.

2. Fight procrastination. If you typically wait around all day to head to the box, trying to get your WOD in as soon as you wake up may help you fight the urge to procrastinate or, even worse, skip going to class.

3. Meet new people. By changing the class you go to, you will open yourself up to meeting other people at the box. You never know the types of new friendships you will make just by attending class at a different time.

4. Experience different coaching styles. Whether it’s a new class or just a different time of day, by switching up your typical time at the box, you will have a different experience. Some coaches have different personalities and styles from morning to evening. You could benefit from trying it out and seeing the variation in coaching at different times of day!

Switching up your workout time is one of the simplest ways to improve both exercise quality and progress. This month, consider giving it a go and make some new friends in different CrossFit classes at your box!


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