Get the Most Out of Your Coach—and Your WOD

  2017-08-30 10:00AM
Your coach dictates the tone and vibe of your class and workout for the day. While all coaches have their own unique style, personality, and way of communicating, they all want the same thing:  to help you improve your skills and overall fitness. Here’s an inside look at how to best help them focus on just that. Be on time. Walking in midway through the warm up can interrupt class and distract your coach and other athletes.  Make being on time a priority and watch how it sets the tone for your whole hour at the gym. Stay engaged during the whiteboard meeting. Your wheels may already be turning on what weight you want to use for the metcon, but you may miss some important information if you’ve zoned out during the coach’s instructions. Stay with the class. You’re anxious to get started working on your squat clean so you throw some weight on and begin your working sets before coach takes the class through the empty bar warm up. This can cause you to miss some important cues during the warm up that may help you as you go for your heavy single later on. Never stop learning.  Even if you have years of Crossfit under your belt, there’s always something new to be learned.  Don’t limit yourself by assuming you’ve heard it, tried it, and done it all before. Be positive.  Sure, we can all be hard on ourselves at times.  But make it a habit to keep your attitude positive. Congratulate others—and yourself--on a WOD well done.  Showing up and putting in the work is an accomplishment in itself, whether or not you hit a PR.  


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