Going Strict for Strength

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The strict overhead press is great for building upper body strength. And guess whatthis translates to the snatch, the jerk, handstand pushups, and handstand walks. The strict press is a fairly simple movement. Hold the bar in the front rack and then, wellpress! But here are three cues that will help to keep you solid. Tight Core Your core is what stabilizes you to move weight overhead. If your core gets sloppy you lose stability in the bar, which causes excess movement and chance for injury. So stay tight. Neutral Spine You can have tight abs and still lean back in effect doing an incline bench press. This is not an incline bench press. Youve only got one spine and we want to keep that intact. When you lean back you put unnecessary pressure on your lumbar curve. So straighten up. Straight Bar Path This can be hard when youre first starting out, but the bar needs to stay as close to your vertical midline as possible--especially at the start of the press. To achieve this, simply move your head back (dont worry about the double chin) and out of the way and press straight up from there. As you progress through these steps and build your upper body strength youll be surprised how efficiently and quickly you can pick up the more complicated moves. So if youre dreaming of your first muscle up, or handstand walk, this is the place to start.


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