Great Reasons to Branch Out--Within Your Crossfit Community

  2018-05-11 10:00AM

It can be intimidating to join a new gym not knowing anyone, but CrossFit aims to alleviate that issue. We call this the Crossfit “community,” because boxes aren’t just gyms, but truly communities where people connect and improve themselves together. To get the most out of any community, you have to get involved and make connections. Don’t be afraid to attend all the events you can! Sign up for a team competition, do the burpee challenge, or bring a friend to your gym’s Happy Hour. Here are a few reasons why you may want to branch out and meet more people within your Crossfit community:

1. You are limited by your class. It’s not every day that all your best CrossFit friends will attend the same class as you. If you’re a 6AM-er, some people just aren’t ready to socialize before their morning cup of coffee and some sunlight. For all you know, your best-match of a WOD buddy typically attends the evening class and you are at the box strictly in the mornings. Don’t be afraid to try a new time--you may meet some cool new people and make some great friends.

2.     Get uncomfortable.  If you’re not comfortable getting involved in the social aspects of the box, that most likely means you need to start. Remember that time you went for a lift you thought was too heavy, but you did it anyway to push your limits? This is just like that. At times we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to improve.

3. Hang with like-minded people. As CrossFitters, we all like to talk about CrossFit. If you hang with your friends from the box, no one will roll their eyes at you when you mention your bruised shins or extremely sore glutes. You’ll enjoy being around like-minded people whom you can bond with over similar experiences and values.

4. Build relationships. Sure you may work out alongside the same people each day at the same time, but you may not always have ample time to get to know them on a deeper level. By spending time with your peers outside the box, you can develop better and more lasting relationships.


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