Habits Successful CrossFitters Don’t Have

  2018-01-09 09:39AM

If you want to find success at the box, there are certain habits you may need to break. Sometimes all it takes are a few simple fixes to take your game to the next level. Take a look at this list and think about whether or not any of these progress-hindering tendencies apply to you.

Comparing Yourself to Others. Try to focus on your own performance, your own weights, and your own abilities at the box. Focusing on others instead of yourself can impact your performance in more ways than you may realize. Everyone has their own specific strengths and weaknesses in a versatile sport like CrossFit. Make sure that you are doing your best to focus on you and only you during the WOD to maximize both your experience and performance.

Constantly Checking Social Media. We’ve all seen it…the guy or girl who posts a video of every single workout on Instagram. They’re typically checking their phone to see if they got any more likes or maybe to see what weight their competition is working with for the day. When you live in your phone, you are taking away from your environment, those around you, and the task at hand. Posting and checking your social media pages during your time in the gym does nothing but distracts you from your training.

Not Challenging Yourself. Are you afraid to push yourself inside the gym? Do you always revert to scaling the WOD so it hurts just a little bit less? Each and every time you step into the gym you have an opportunity to improve yourself and get a little bit closer to reaching your goals. The only way this is achieved is by stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. Maybe it means adding ten pounds more than you’d usually use for hang snatches. It might be attempting to walk on your hands during the class WOD, even if it slows you down a bit. Whatever it is, go after it full force and don’t look back.

Not Working on Weaknesses. With all the variety in CrossFit, we must continue to work on skills and weaknesses if we want to continue to see progress. You’re only as strong as your weakest movement, so make sure to put in the appropriate time, in whatever area you need the most improvement in.

Failing to Maximize Recovery. You can put 110% effort in at the box, but if you’re sleeping 5 hours a night, eating garbage, and not addressing aches and pains, you won’t ever reach your potential. Use your time outside the gym to clean up your diet, get the appropriate amount of sleep, and do what is necessary to take care of minor injuries or irritations to keep you in the game.




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