Here’s How to Finally Break through Your Clean & Jerk Plateau

  2018-09-12 10:00AM

The clean and jerk is a two part, incredibly challenging lift. People dedicate their lives to mastering this and the snatch and, after years and years of experience, continue to feel like they can keep improving. Here are a few “advanced practice” cues to help improve your clean and jerk in new ways:

Your breath is your friend. Breathe in, brace hard and pull the bar apart to appropriately engage your lats. If you fail to use your lats, you will most likely shift forward off the ground or bend your arms early before the pull!

Move as one unit. Make sure to lead with your chest. Your hips, shoulders, and the bar should all move as one unit. If your hips raise too fast, your entire lift will be thrown off.

Balance through your feet. It’s important to maintain balance about the mid-foot through the liftoff. Be sure not to let that bar pull you forward onto your toes, but be careful not to over correct by shifting too far back on the heels either.

Jump, jump, jump. Let’s say this again…jump, jump, jump! You really can never jump too hard. You will need to adjust your power output depending on the load of the bar, but you should always be thinking, “explode!”

Let your body jerk the bar. When you move from the clean to the jerk, be sure to relax your hands in your rack position. This will ensure that the drive is coming from your body and not your arms. By driving straight up and straight down on your dip, you will allow the energy to be transferred from your legs all the way through the jerk!

Jump up, punch down. Jumping with the bar on your shoulders will certainly propel the bar upwards, but it’s only to a certain height. As the bar is moving upwards, you have to use that resistance of the bar to punch your body down into your split position. As the weights get heavier, you will not be able to press the bar up higher, but instead you will have to punch down faster.


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