How Does Gut Health Affect Recovery?

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Fun fact: gut health and strength training go hand in hand. Who knew?! But that also means that if you're not taking care of your gut properly, you can be sabotaging your training. So maybe that's not such a fun fact after all, though its the unfortunate reality. Heres how one can affect the other: A poor gut can affect your ability to reach new PRs Our bodies are freakin cool machines. When you exercise, your body is automatically programmed to send energy to the muscles that are being worked. That promotes strength and helps increase your endurance to get you to a new PR. But it's really the most efficient when you've got a healthy gut. Poor gut health will delay it. Bad gut health can rob your body of the nutrition it needs You may be a paleo superstar but it can all go down the drain if you're not taking care of your gut. That's because good gut bacteria helps with food breakdown and absorbs all of the nutrients and energy from what you eat. And you need that energy for your workout and recovery. A crummy gut can compromise your immune system While youre working hard in class, your body is working hard to help itself recover - and ultimately build muscle. But a crummy gut leads to inflammation and causes your immune system to get stressed. Thats because its trying to heal your gut and sore muscles at the same time. And even worse, the risk of injury starts to increase if your body is being forced to repair muscle tissue and a bad gut simultaneously.


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