How to Improve Your Split Jerk

  2018-01-19 10:13AM

Are you comfortable using a split jerk to get the barbell over head with a heavy load? It is common for many CrossFit athletes to push press more than they can jerk. Split jerk refinement takes a lot of practice and patience, but when it is perfected that jerk drive will become snappier and loads will feel lighter! A good split will allow the lifter to be ready to receive the weight before the weight starts crashing down on them.

Here are some tips for improving your jerk before the bar is driven overhead:

  1. Set your feet so that they are about shoulder width apart.
  2. Take a big deep breath to brace before starting your dip.
  3. Keep your elbows and chest up as you dip to drive the bar upwards.
  4. Be patient as you drive up, allow the power to be transferred from your feet to your hips to your midline to your shoulders and then, finally, to your arms. Don’t press with the arms too early!
  5. Have confidence and focus on driving under the bar and splitting your feet!

Here are the important points when receiving that jerk in the split position:

  1. Weight is on the heel of the front foot.
  2. Front knee stacked directly over or even slightly behind the ankle.
  3. Torso straight up and down with the focus on having a very strong midline.
  4. Back knee should be slightly bent.
  5. Back heel is off the ground with weight on the ball of foot and heel slightly turned out.

These points of performance allow for you to maximize the power from your drive and stabilize the weight overhead. If followed correctly, the barbell will be stacked directly over our hips, with a balanced split position, and a stable overhead position. As always, skills take deliberate practice to improve. Take the time to hone this skill and your jerk numbers will drastically improve!


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