How to Master the Assault Bike

  2018-08-15 10:00AM

Does seeing the Assault Bike programmed in a workout scare you? Do you crawl through the calories on the bike in a WOD? Some of you might find yourself with a serious leg pump and a heart rate through the roof within 15 seconds of riding the bike. Too many athletes just jump on the bike, starting pedaling and close their eyes until they reach the desired time/calories needed for the workout. There are some simple fixes to your Assault Bike strategy that can help turn you into one of those people who actually likes seeing the bike thrown into a WOD!

  1. Set your seat height. Set the seat at a height that allows your leg a slight bend at the bottom of the revolution. Be sure to keep just the ball of your foot, rather than your entire heel, on the pedal. This ensures that you don’t bring the knee up too high at the top of the revolution and helps you express the most power from your legs at the bottom of the revolution.
  2. Let the legs do the work. You should focus on driving with your legs and controlling the movement of your upper body. The upper body is just channeling all the power of the lower body so focus on your leg drive on the bike and not using your arms too much.
  3. Keep the knees in line with the feet. To apply force straight down on the bike, try to keep the knee in line with the foot by not letting the knees flare out. If you find yourself swaying a ton, you are probably using too much arms, which means the knees are flailing around and you are losing power from your legs.
  4. Pick a comfortable seat placement. If you push the seat further over the top of the pedal, you rely more on the quads for power. When placing the seat further back behind the pedal, you become more posterior-chain driven. Play around with different distances and see what you feel comfortable with.
  5. Eyes and head up. Try to keep your head up and eyes ahead so that you maximize your ability to breathe. Focus on relaxing and keeping a neutral head position so that you aren’t closing your airway!


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