How to Share the Kitchen with Your Non-Paleo Partner

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
We all know that a paleo lifestyle isn't for everyone. But when your partner is the one who isn't digging a caveman-style diet, the kitchen often becomes a tricky place. Just thinking about the possibility of making separate dinners can be a real pain in the you-know-what and who wants that?! So we've got a few hacks to make the kitchen situation a little easier. Buy non-paleo items you don't like for your partner Have your partner compromise with you. If you're both chocolate ice cream lovers, talk to him/her about nixing it from the house -- but pick up a different flavor that s/he likes that you can't stand. A win for everyone. Choose items that require only small changes Even the heartiest of meals can often be transformed into something that's paleo friendly. Indulge in something like chicken parm with your partner by baking your poultry instead of frying it and bread it with almond flour. It can crisp so well that your partner may not even miss the bread crumbs. Cook a few chicken breasts without cheese and you've got yourselves a shareable dinner. Make a few paleo-friendly dishes...and dont tell your partner right away It may be that the entire paleo concept is overwhelming to your partner, regardless of the number of times you may have explained it. So...let him/her experience it first hand and you may just change their mind. Prepare a few meals, making sure theyre varied, dont say a word (yet!) and watch your partners reaction. Try things as simple as a protein with mixed veggies and a sweet potato or get adventurous with some turnip noodles or zoodles. Especially if your partner is into processed foods, make sure to ask how s/he is feeling a half hour after finishing the meal. We know its gonna be way better than something like boxed mac & cheese, but let your partner figure it out for him/herself. Thats when you can make the big reveal...theyve just experienced - and enjoyed - a paleo meal.


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