How To Train For An Obstacle Course Race, CrossFit Style

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Wanna get down and dirty? If the adventurer in you has ever thought about doing things like jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, and scaling walls at an obstacle course race, weve got the inside scoop on how to prepare. The best part is that coming to CrossFit is the perfect way to train for one (youll even see other athletes representing their boxes at an obstacle course race.) Check out these training tips to to get you started. Practice Your Push Press Youll need to build upper body strength for many of the obstacles, and while a push press is only one of several upper body exercises we do in class, its one of the best for race training. Thats because it closely mimics the way youll move when scaling walls on the course. Burpee It Out You may come across burpee penalties at some races if you fail or opt out of completing an obstacle. Working on mastering an unbroken burpee series in class will help you move along faster on the course. Lift Heavy Things You can expect to carry things like sandbags, logs, or even buckets of rocks at an obstacle course race. And its not just about the weight, its about transporting awkwardly-shaped items. Prepare for it by carrying the heaviest medicine ball or weight plates possible around the perimeter of the gym a few times whenever you come to class. Get Climbing Rope climbs are a common obstacle at races, so dont wait for a WOD that includes climbs to start practicing. If you come to class early or stay late, ask one of the coaches to take one of the ropes out so you can get climbing. If you want scalable options, were happy to provide them (but remember youll need to do the real deal on race day.) Drop It Like Its Hot Theres no such thing as too many air squats when youre trying to get race ready. Some races take place on mountains, and strong quads will come in useful on the uphill. Train For The Discomfort It may be mud. It may be water. It may be both. Youre going to get uncomfortable on race day, so use an active recovery day to prepare for it. Put on your sneakers, then dunk your feet in water, and head out for a run. Brownie points if you head to the steepest hill you can find for your workout. If youre looking for a new challenge, want to meet some awesome people along the way, and score a cool medal while youre at it, give an obstacle course race a shot. We can even get a team together here at the box, so just let us know if thats of interest to you.


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