I Believe I Can Fly! (Butterfly, that is)

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Are you having trouble getting your butterfly pull-ups down? Or are you tired of losing your momentum after a few reps? Try these three simple steps to strengthen your butterflies and fly through your next Fran.   Keep your shoulders active One of the first things to go when you fatigue during a workout and youre trying to butterfly is your shoulders. The butterfly pull-up has a lot of motion with it so to stay safe and moving, keep those shoulders active and engaged.   Tighten that core The next thing to go, especially in later rounds, is tightness in your core. When youre breathing heavy and sweat is flying, its hard to think past where you left your spare body for the next round. But if youre going to fly, make sure to keep those abs tight.   Work on Timing Keeping the butterfly going throughout the WOD will take perfect timing. This includes when to explode back, when to pull the bar down towards your hips, when to bring your chin over the plane of the bar, and when to finish your descent and be ready for the next rep. Ideally, all of this has to happen at the right time. So get used to your rhythm and be patient while you develop it. Keep these points in mind next time you go for broke on your pull-ups and youll be amazed at how well you can do.


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