Improving Through Injuries

  2017-09-01 09:00AM
When an athlete has sustained an injury, and their doctor or surgeon says absolutely no working out, what happens next? For a diligent and committed athlete, sitting out—whether it’s for a week or six months—can feel like torture. When you’d rather be doing suicide sprints than sitting at team practice, or handstand push-ups rather than watching the WOD, you know you’re desperate. When you’ve sustained an injury, it’s easy to just throw in the towel on your training until your rehab is complete and you’ve been cleared to go back to the gym.  Did you know, though, that you can continue your “training” without doing physical work?  Note: some of the following are things that non-injured athletes can benefit from as well. Watch. Watching film can be an invaluable tool to help athletes improve their game, and Crossfitters to improve their lifts and technique.  Stick with trusted athletes and watch videos that dig into the technical aspects of lifts, or go back and watch past years of Games.  Learn and keep yourself excited.   Read. From psychology to motivating success stories to technique, there is plenty to read about Crossfit.  Dig in to Crossfit Journal’s deep archives, or dust off your copy of Supple Leopard and start your way through.  Commit to increasing your knowledge, even if you can’t increase your weight load right now. Stay involved. Keep up with what’s going on in and around your box.  Show up at Saturday’s WOD just to say hello. Keep your coaches up to date on your rehab progress.  When you’ve gotten the all clear, you’ll be motivated to get in and get working. Do what you can.  There’s no reason why you can’t keep range of motion in your shoulders while an injured ankle heals, or keep hips flexible while you are recovering from a rotator cuff surgery.  Ask your coach or PT for suggestions. Injuries don’t have to mean a complete disruption of your training.  Take your rehabilitation seriously, and keep learning and improving along the way.


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