Improving Your Power Clean

  2018-01-21 07:34PM

The power clean is a very intricate movement that involves not only speed but strength. Power cleans are one of the many explosive movements in CrossFit. Efficient technique will allow you to add more weight and become more fluid in the movement. If you want to start adding mass and lifting more, here are four tips to improve your power clean:

  1. Start position. The tension created in your starting position is what will help you transfer more power to the lift during the initial pull. Start with your chest up, shoulders back, and back tight. Think about pulling the bar apart as you begin your ascent off the ground; this will engage your lats and ensure your back stays tight.
  2. Bar path. Keep the bar close to your body to ensure that you have a solid level of control over it throughout the lift. If the bar starts traveling away from your body you'll likely find yourself tipping over, jumping forward, and missing the lift.
  3. Power position. Athletes tend to miss the power position when the bar hits their mid thigh with the hips still seated. When done correctly, your chest will begin to open, you will become more vertical and your knees should begin to re-bend so you can transfer the power of the lift into the bar.
  4. Strong front rack.  You should catch the bar with your elbows pointed straight ahead so the bar sits straight across your deltoids and comes very close to your throat.

Making some small tweaks to your technique can help take your power clean and your explosiveness to the next level. Take some time to fine tune your mechanics and reap the rewards!


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