Integrity in the Box

  2018-04-23 10:00AM

Have you ever thought about your guiding principles inside the box? What are the values you hold deeply? Are you drawing on those as you step into the gym every day?

Integrity is holding oneself to a higher standard without someone else’s command. People with deep integrity set the standard and deem it their own responsibility to uphold it. They ensure they are doing the right thing when no one is watching because they have self-accountability. In order to have integrity, one must exhibit honesty, decency, sincerity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. How can you show and build your integrity in the box?

1. Be Honest. This can mean being honest about your own reps and movement standards. Maybe it is honesty in the judging of a friend or peer at the box.  Honesty is often overlooked but it is one of the keys behind building and showing integrity.

2. Value relationships. Do you try to help others at the box? Are you there for your friends, peers, and fellow athletes when they need a hand or some motivation? Being aware of these things can show true integrity.

3. Have self-accountability. Being honest with yourself means holding yourself to these tough standards regardless of the situation at hand. Simple acts like cleaning your equipment, putting things back in the right place, and finishing the workout no matter how tough illustrate and draw from integrity.

Integrity will not only build your own character, but it will make you a better person inside and outside of the gym. Find the small things and do them exceptionally well. Set your own standards and never back down from them!


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