It’s All In Your Head

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
You know that expression get out of your own head? Turns out theres truth to that actually being a thing. You really can be your own worst enemy. Or an awesome cheerleader. We prefer the second one. See, CrossFit isnt just about killer workouts. Its about helping you to be the very best version of you. And part of that is about always having a positive mindset, because attitude and performance are directly connected. Heres how it can affect you for the better. It keeps you focused If youre working up to a higher one rep max for deadlifts, dont think about the weight. Just add on what you (and your coach) think is a safe weight for you to attempt and thats it. If you feel mentally confident going into the lift, youll increase the chances of making that barbell move. Its great for goal setting Heres a scenario for you: theres 90 seconds left on your AMRAP WOD and 25% of the round is done. With a positive attitude, youll have the ability to set a mini-goal of completing that last round. Then its time to really push yourself. It keeps you calm Not to get all yogi on you, but staying grounded and focusing on the task at hand will relieve even the teeniest bit of anxiety or stress about whether or not youll be able to successfully do what is being asked of you. Lets get real. Youre not here because its easy. So why make it even harder by not having a super positive discussion with yourself during every WOD? Root yourself on and we promise, it will help your performance.


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