Know Thy Enemy: Sugar

  2018-02-09 10:00AM

There’s no denying that just about anything with lots of sugar is tasty, but the reality is that it wreaks havoc on your body. Refined sugars hide almost everywhere, even in unexpected places like bread.

What You Need To Watch Out For

Besides just hiding in places you wouldn’t think of, sugar hides itself under many different names.  Watch for words like concentrate, cane juice, corn syrup, molasses, and ingredients that end with “-ose.”  And if you think sugar substitutes are a healthier option, think again. These chemicals--aspartame, sucralose--are just as bad or worse.  With all the deceptive marketing out there, it’s easy for even the most health-conscious shopper to make mistakes. Just keep it simple stupid by limiting yourself to the perimeter of the supermarket. Skipping the aisles all together really minimizes your chances of putting things with too much added sugar in your cart, plus the foods that line the store’s perimeter are the most nutrient dense. Two exceptions to this aisle skipping rule are the ones where you find the no-sugar added nut butters, and healthy oils.

So, do you want to know what happens when you eat too much sugar? Read on.


A sugar addiction is a real thing. Actually, there are studies out there demonstrating that sugar can be more addicting than some drugs. It’s even possible to experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea when you decide to cut it out. If that happens to you, don’t sweat it. Eat clean and drink tons of water, and it will pass in a couple of days.


Sugar is a pretty powerful substance. It’s like a brainwasher that can do all sorts of crazy things, like cause non-stop hunger. It happens because you develop something called leptin resistance, so the “I’m full” signal is never sent to your brain. So essentially you end up overeating even more garbage.

Weight Gain

Sugar is packed with calories yet void of nutrients.  Scientists are learning more about the body’s mechanisms for sensing satiety and guess what--nutrient density is one of them.  So, even when you have consumed a heap of sugar-derived calories, your body will keep giving you the signal to eat more--and more--until you finally give it the real nutrients it needs.  These extra empty calories turn to unwanted weight quickly.

Poor Performance

It’s hard to make it through your MetCon or hit PR’s when your body is not fueled properly.  A sugary diet will make gains in the gym near impossible despite the work you may otherwise be putting in.  If you aren’t seeing the improvements you are expecting, or find yourself frequently running out of steam mid-WOD, take a hard look at what you are eating.


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