Looking for Intensity? Start with Consistency--and Patience

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The definition of Crossfit is Constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity. As one of the best fitness disciplines out there, Crossfit certainly hits all the marks. One of the elements of Crossfit that most athletes will focus most on is that intensity. After all, who doesnt want to finish first? This path to intensity is paved with good intentions--no doubt. Sometimes, though, its easy to hurry down that path and miss the steps that will actually get you there. Often in trying to be the fastest athlete in the group, some will move a bit too fast when doing the WOD or when learning a new skill. This is especially true when movements like butterfly pull-ups, muscle ups, snatch and the clean and jerk are introduced. Patience is the key to mastering many, if not all, movements. For example, take the snatch: if youre having trouble with missing the lift forward then you might be reaching extension too fast. The barbell is underneath the hip pocket when you extend, which makes the distance further to the pull under, and then the catch. You might be fast pulling under but the bar is too low to catch so you dump it forward. Waiting that crucial second longer--without the rush--will help you to go into extension that will allow the bar to get in the hip pocket, and youll be in the right spot for the pull under. Faster is not always better. Even if you need to drop your weight or use an empty bar, focus on the how, instead of the how fast, and youll see form improve, and intensity follow. Intensity comes after consistency, and consistency takes patience.


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