Mental Training and Performance at the Box

  2018-08-01 10:00AM

Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. It is the practice of training your thoughts to not wander into past or future efforts. Mindfulness involves being present through every activity that you partake in. It is a mental evaluation that occurs during the activity where it comes into play through the choices we next make. Through mindfulness, we become the driver of our mind and thoughts. It is a practice that teaches us to be intentionally grateful about all that we are able to do. 

Mindfulness also helps us realize that we have control over the decisions or choices that we make in our life. This mental technique has been studied and confirmed as a contributing factor in overall sports performance. By owning your thoughts, you could see calmer and more confidence decision making inside the box and out. Rather than “winning the WOD,” mindful athletes are aware of their own journeys and individual successes. This can look like focusing on your breath, "winning" a set, visualization and gratitude after a workout. Rather than spiraling into negative thoughts, mindful athletes focus on being better than a previous version of themselves through practice. These athletes demand the impossible out of not only their efforts at the gym, but also in their outside live by practicing techniques that keep them present and with perspective. 

Maybe you’ve been going through a hard time with your training at the gym. Mindfulness can be used to help get back on track and focused on the little things that make a difference. Visualize the times where you had success and practice channelling that energy and those feelings before you workout. Rather than obsessing over whether or not you're going to hit a PR, practice controlling your breathing in a workout. Give yourself a set amount of time to rest between working and stick to it. Push yourself to complete one more rep in a set of pull ups or push ups, one more rep than you normally do in a given set. Tell yourself your base set is now 6 rather than 5 for example. Repeat a short mantra during your rest breaks such as "Power UP!" or "Breathe Strong!". When it's time to get to work, channel the positive emotions your mantra evokes. By becoming mindful of our emotions, actions, and feelings, we take full control and ownership of our own minds - where ALL of our experiences are processed!


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