Paleo Baking Must-Haves You Need to Know About

  2017-06-13 10:00AM

  There’s a super important part of your workout regime that isn’t talked about nearly as often as cleans, jerks, and snatches, but is something worth emphasizing: rest days. Your body needs time to recuperate from all of the hard work you’ve done to properly progress, so don’t take rest days lightly. Need some additional convincing? We’ve got you covered. Read on as we debunk some of the most common myths about why rest days aren’t necessary. . Myth #1: Your progress will go down the drain It takes roughly two consecutive weeks of no exercise for your progress to begin taking a dip. So don’t fret about a day or two off each week. Your body will thank you. Promise. Myth #2: Your motivation will disappear Once you’ve gotten your groove on, your body is more likely to crave a workout after a day off, rather than wanting to skip a visit to the box the next day. Put it to the test by paying attention to how you feel after a 24 hour hiatus. Myth #3: You’ve got to work more often to get better results Consistency is key. But more doesn’t always mean better. Actually, every time you pick up that barbell, kettlebell, or medicine ball, you’re tearing muscle fibers. Your body needs time off to grow the muscle so you see the full benefits of your training. A great goal to have is at least 3 classes a week, but no more than 6. Myth #4: You’ll lose the weight faster by working out daily Losing weight isn’t about just working out. It’s a combination of working out and eating right. If you workout with the mentality of you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want because you did some exercise, think again. We love maintaining a paleo lifestyle, but also realize life is about balance and are all about the occasional treat. (You can hit up one of the coaches for more info on what paleo is all about; any of us are happy to fill you in.) Myth #5: You’ll sleep better Not always. Too much exercise makes you very alert, which can be good thing until you’re tossing and turning in bed. And that’s more likely to happen when you’re not taking a rest day. Be mindful and strike a balance. Above all else, please, pretty please, listen to your body. Don’t try to be a superhero, just be the very best version of you.


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