Paleo Hacks for Eating Caveman-Style in the 21st Century

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Maintaining a paleo diet doesnt have to be difficult. But it can mean some adaptation (after all, our paleolithic ancestors didnt have a 9-5 job to throw into the mix!) Here are some of our favorite, easy-to-follow tricks to keeping up with a paleo diet in todays times. Prepare For The Week Ahead An hour or two of meal prep on the weekend can go a long way. Grill chicken breasts, saute veggies, prepare a few hard boiled eggs, cut up some berries, and have raw nuts on hand (reminder: peanuts arent paleo.) Youll thank yourself later. Follow the 90/10 Rule The 90/10 rule means sticking to your paleo diet 90% of the time, and being more lax about it 10% of the time. Whether youre going out to dinner or picking lunch up at the neighborhood joint by the office, dont assume that something that sounds paleo - like chicken and broccoli, sans rice, of course - actually is. Little things like soy sauce can trip you up. That doesnt mean you need to order steamed everything; just be aware of it and dont go overboard. Or, if you feel confident about your intake, indulge a little one time each week with your favorite non-paleo meal. Get Creative We have so many more paleo-friendly options at our disposal these days, some of which may even feel like a cheat. If you crave pasta, head to an asian market and pick up some sweet potato noodles (just double check the ingredients.) Zoodles - zucchini cut like pasta - is another great alternative. Buy a zoodle maker and crank em out yourself (the gadget costs about $15), or check out whats in the pre-cut section of your local market. Have another great tip to share? Wed love to hear about it! Just post it in the comment section below.


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